Premium EarPods (Wireless charging)

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Get Thivotec’s New Premium EarPods with Soft/Hard Shell combo in black that provides a nice soft feel to the EarPods and the case. The EarPods are wireless bluetooth 5.0 and the case supports Wireless Charging, which means no need for any cables.

2 reviews for Premium EarPods (Wireless charging)

  1. John

    Amazing Quality and great sound. I was surprised in the quality truthfully. The shipping was fast took only 3 days to receive.

  2. Barbara Thompson

    I love the soft shell it makes them feel great in the ear. I also love the fact they are black, omg i have waited so long to get airpods that were black, and Airpods are extremely expensive. The quality of these are top notch worth much more then $60. The sound is just the same as any ole wireless headphones, nice crisp sound.

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